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Allergy season is here! And hopefully we will survive it without the hassle of allergies and viruses. We all know that the weather and a particularly active social life this time of year may be a little rough on us and on our families. So our team has put together a simple holistic health kit that is bound to help you strengthen your defenses naturally and raise awareness about a few cultural issues to keep in mind this holiday season.

There is little you can do against the harsh weather that is coming up and about the fact that you will be sharing closed spaces with other people, many of whom will have from a common flu to a more complex virus. So it is absolutely relevant to strengthen your defenses in advance. We need to step up our metabolism and increase our white blood-cell count to be able to enjoy the beauties of Winter and all the social fun that characterizes the season.

Our tips are based on the natural and holistic champions of strength increase assistance to our bodies. We’ve organized them according to our organic apparatus.

1.  By Ingestion:

If you’re a non-mixer, you should know that two of the top natural concentrations of Vitamin C are found in broccoli and kiwi.  So organize yourself to daily doses of each or intertwine them and you’ll help your body prepare for its Holiday battles.

If you’re a mixer then you will definitely love one of our preferred Vita.C natural shake recipes.  

  • For each person get a weekly dose of guavas (4), oranges (7), green apples (4), and ginger root (1).
  • Mix half a guava and half an apple on a one orange juice base and add grounded ginger or ginger petals depending on your taste. 

2.  By Contact: 

One of the most common ways to catch a virus is with your hands touching something or someone with fluid containing the virus and then touching your face, so this one’s pretty basic, but cannot be repeated enough.  Wash your hands routinely and after every activity.  If you can, get citric-themed natural soaps, oils or bath salts.  

3.  By Inhaling:

A less common -in Western civilization at least- but well documented way to assist in the bettering of health is based on scents and aromas.  It’s highly possible you’ve heard about aroma therapy or that you’ve been treated for allergies or colds with inhalers or vaporizations.  Well such type of remedy also helps as prevention since it strengthens and balances the respiratory system generating more efficient and nutritious blood circulation.  Arming yourself with the right scents for your home environment, for baths, sheets, bedrooms and even massages is both delicious and helpful to get ready for the season.

For the purpose of a holistic Holiday health we recommend eucalyptus oil for respiratory wellness and lemongrass oil with natural antibacterial properties to assist your immune system.


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