Keeping your face skin healthy is more work than you would think, so every trick and help is more than welcome.  If you live in a big city you are constantly under stress and your skin will be vulnerable to all the harsh conditions that urban living implies.  The subway, the smog, the wind, the sun, the heater, the AC, your hands touching your face and all the chemical production that the emotions of being a city dweller imply are constantly affecting the health of your facial skin.

And even if you live in a smaller town you have to be careful with the outdoors conditions and some times even the quality of the water.  You should know by know that PH levels and certain chemicals like chlorine -especially on a daily basis- have a direct effect on your skin.  Let alone the food we eat, potentially full of hormones and pesticides that also generate chemical imbalances in our bodies.

So first of all, as with most health issues, we need to be aware of all the risks, so we may plan a healthy lifestyle and plan holistically so we can enjoy the now and care for our future the best way possible. So here is the basic elements, easy to remember, that will help you improve your facial skin health.


1.  What you ingest:

Basic.  What you eat and drink are the basis for your health in general and your skin health specifically.  You should really control your fried foods and be very picky about the types and amounts of chocolate that you eat.  We don't recommend cutting every "sinful delight" from your menu, but we do recommend awareness and moderation.  Cheat once a week!

Hydration is perhaps one of the most important aspects in having a beautiful and youthful face skin.  Drink lots of good quality water daily and help your skin with exogenous hydration.


2.  Watch your metabolism:

Your organic machine needs to be working in its most efficient form.  It needs to run its basic functions correctly and we can definitely help it.  First, as we have discussed, it is essential we control the basic inputs: food and water.  But also, and just as important, we need to take control of the levels and quality of oxygen that we put into our organism.  That is one of the main reasons exercise is an essential part of every health program.  Because when you exercise you put your respiratory and vascular system to work.  And as beautiful as our organisms are, when you put them to work they revitalize and become stronger and better at what they do.  Pumping blood! Getting every nutrient where it is needed.  Carrying every blood cell to the parts of the body that need regeneration and care.

3. Prevent by routine:

My dad is an oncologist.  And ironically enough, last year they had to remove a malign formation -cancer- from his forehead.  He routinely reminds me that we should always put on sunblock and that we should never forget to put sunblock on the kids.  He explains how at his day in age they just didn’t have such discipline, but that nowadays it is necessary to find the best possible balm or cream that protects your skin from harsh UV and smog environments.


4.  Create a nurturing culture:

There are many things about our culture that are very difficult or even impossible to change.  It is the most essential part of our identity.  Our culture is how we were brought up and how we see the world that surrounds us.  What we eat, when and how we eat it, what we see as healthy and unhealthy, all part of our cultural selves.

Yet there are aspects of our lives that we can and should design and implement and that will help us be at our best shape to enjoy the now and be ready for tomorrow.  One of the most important tips for being successful and healthy is creating positive routines and rituals that we know have positive effects on our selves and hence on those who surround us.  And we know now that a weekly ritual to nurture yourself is a good way to keep yourself mentally and physically fit.  Give yourself a nurturing bath, put on a face mask and relax.  Every week, be sure to set it apart in your calendar and let your family know that you enter on hibernation mode for that hour or couple of hours and that you are not to be disturbed.

There are a few natural and ready to use face masks that we recommend.  If you have the time to make your own natural face mask you can try half a teaspoon of baking soda on a tablespoon of coconut oil.  There are also some home ingredients that have been known to work great. Take turmeric for example, mixed with some honey, milk or yoghurt, helps prevent signs of aging, evens the skin tone and removes dead skin cells. You can also check out our blog about face masks for more tips.


If you want a special product, handmade, natural, and ready to use and with a bit more sophistication and extra research put into it, you can try one of the following picks we have selected for you.  Please let us know your thoughts and don’t hesitate to comment or email us with feedback.


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